DMX net Series

Artnet nodo

DMXnet 4 and 8 are a fully configurable Artnet node of 4 universes (DMX net 4) and 8 universes (DMX net 8). Thanks to these units, users have the opportunity to send data through an Ethernet network, with up to 512 DMX channels per universe . Data transfer using Artnet nodes is faster than using DMX networks. This solution is recommended to control LED fixtures that use many channels, but also to send DMX information in a big event through a unique Ethernet cable.

Both units have easy settings, just select the universe and the SubNet through the dip switches and the unit will select that universe like the first one and will create the output for it and the following universes.

LEDs on the front panel provide constant activity status information about the network, input data and triggered universes.

Both units have rack format 19" (1 HU). DMX net 4 width is completed with rackable wings ( included)



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