WFH 6000 PRO

Fog machines

This fog machine adds a series of features that make it stands out from the other fog machines available on the market. On one hand, it is due toits plug&play system that does not need time for warm-up. On the other hand, its spread systemsystem is made with a high pressure spray technic which allows a wide difussion.

Another new feature is that this fog machine is built-in a transport flightcase with swing covers, thus its transportation and working mode are quick and easy.

The fog output is placed at the upper side of the machine and it has a cover which can be opened or closed. In addition, it adds a swing cover with adjustable angle that has 3 powerful fans (which speed can be adjusted) that allow to spread the fog.

Its big tank (3.2L) adds a liquid tight system that avoid spills during its transportation and handling.

The interface at the rear panel allows to control de unit. It adds a LCD screen in order to visualise all the possible functions of the device: from the manual trigger or timer to the configuration of the duration, interval, fluid volume and strength with which it comes out. Besides, it is possible to control it through DMX using1 channel to control the trigger.


Club Touring
Power: 500 W.
Warm-up: No wamr-up needed.
Tank capacity: 3,2 l.
Output: 3000 cubid feet/minute.
Control: Wired cable / DMX (1 channel).
Main supply: AC 220 V - 240 V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions: 590 x 450 x 450 mm.
Weight: 33,2 kg.